A Garden Cube can be a great way to bring some life into your garden. With a choice of your walls and frame size, as well as our selection of suggested models, it is easy to get the perfect Garden Cube for your style.

Garden Cubes are a new way to add some very versatile space to outdoor areas. They can be used as a simple relaxation area, for meditation or just some quiet time alone or with a loved one. Or a dedicated office space that allows you to work from home while being out of the house. It can even be a home gym or games room. There are many opportunities in regards to what you actually do with the space, only limited by your imagination and creativity.

Available sizes:

4x3m, 4x2m, 3x3m, 3x2m, 2x2m



Design your own GARDEN CUBE, just choose a frame and options from below:

  • Standard Full Panel Walls
  • Sunscreen Walls
  • Sunscreen Wall With Glass
  • Wooden Tempered Glass Wall
  • Full Glass Wall
  • Sliding Doors System Alutech
  • Rainwater Pipes
  • Wooden Doors With Windows
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Garden Cubes

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